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Re-Load Tools – Deep Cut HSS

Bi-Metal COBALT Hole saws
•  Full 47mm cutting depth 
•  Extra tough contruction – resists tooth breakage
•  Perfect combination with RLHD300 SPEED Arbor


About Re-Load Deep Cut HSS

HSS stands for High Speed Steel

Construction is Bi metal (two metals) being HSS teeth + alloy strip (blade backing).
The HSS and alloy strip were originally electron beam welded together but increasingly Lasers are used.
Only the top 3 to 4mm of a Bi metal hole saw is HSS hence the reason why the hole saws have limited re-sharpening life.
Cobalt can be alloyed with the HSS to make it harder and more resistant to heat.
However the addition of Cobalt increases costs.
All Re-load Hole saws include Cobalt as standard right across the range. 
AVOID excessive speed as the heat generated will cause a loss of hardness in the teeth.
Use cutting compound to preserve tooth life.
Avoid breathing compound fumes during cutting.
Ideal for sheet metal, stainless, cast iron and mild steel.


Re-Load® hole saws utilise
extra thickness HSS teeth
for Heavy Duty use


Re-Load® Deep Cut HSS – cutting depth 47mm.

25% DEEPER than standard hole saws

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