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Re-Load® Quick Change Holesaw System now with SPEED core ejection

Re-Load SPEED Demo

Re-Load Tools Speed – Core Ejection 92mm Oregon

Re-Load Tools Speed – 122mm Steel 

Re-Load Tools Speed – Core Ejection 16mm PVC

Re-Load Tools Speed – Slow-Mo Demo

Re-Load SPEED™ Conversion packs

  • Connect a boss to the holesaw and the system is ready

  • Fits all standard holesaw sizes

  • One touch tool release – change holesaws in seconds

  • Heavy duty arbor for holesaws 14 - 200mm

  • Enlarge existing holes using the Reload Two-Up system

Re-Load SPEED™ Core Eject Hole saw Sets

  • Heavy Duty SPEED™ Arbor included as standard in all sets

  • Push button release the pilot drill to eject core

  • World's most compact core eject arbor

  • DEEP CUT HSS Cobalt holesaws included as standard.

Re-Load Bi-Metal DEEP CUT COBALT Holesaws

  • Full 47mm cutting depth 

  • Extra tough contruction - resists tooth breakage

  • Perfect combination with RLHD300 SPEED Arbor.

Re-Load Bi-Metal MULTI CUT TCT Holesaws

  • 59mm cutting depth  

  • Powers through wood, cement sheet, MDF, plastics, fiberglass and ceramics

  • Perfect combination with RLHD300 SPEED Arbor.