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  • What size hole saws can be converted to quick change using the RLBP5S Boss packs?
    14mm through to 200mm.
  • Can any brand hole saw be converted using the RLBP5S Boss packs?
    Yes as long as they include standard pattern 1/2” and 5/8 UNF mounting threads in the end cap.
  • Does Two Up® hole enlargement work for all hole saw sizes?
    Yes as long as a hole saw fits inside another Two Up® will work. You can use the centre hole saw to guide the outer hole saw to enlarge a hole. A typical application is retro fitting downlights or fitting new door locks into a hole that is too small.
  • Does the Multi Cut hole saw cut brick?
    Yes Besser block and softer brick. Multi Cut TCT hole saws are primarily designed to cut MDF, cement sheet, fibreglass, wood, plastics and ceramic tiles. For porcelain and harder glazed bricks diamond is better suited.
  • Are Cobalt HSS (High Speed Steel) hole saws better than standard grade HSS Hole saws without cobalt?
    Yes – the addition of Cobalt makes HSS much tougher and raises Red Hardness- a term used to describe how hot you can get the teeth before they lose hardness. This makes Reload® Hole saws ideal for harder materials like stainless, hardened steels etc...
  • Is it true that Reload® Hole saws manufacture their hole saws to resist tooth breakage?
    Yes – our entire range of HSS hole saws are engineered to resist tooth breakage particularly in sheet metal which is very tough on the teeth. This makes Reload® hole saws ideal for Trades Professionals working on switchboards, roofing, Splashbacks, sinks etc...
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